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Our Mission:

What the New Hampshire Network of Child Advocacy Centers (NHNCAC) advocates is to make sure that children have unlimited access to the high quality and competent services of a Child Advocacy Center

A child advocacy center basically provides all the assistance needed by an abused child/children in all aspects – physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, even spiritually, that would give them a new hope including their non-offending parents or caregivers. We provide them an opportunity for a good education that could better integrate them to the community.

What is included in the Wishlist for Coos CAC?

We have provided here goods that we think are what we need to make the lives of children in the shelter easier and more comfortable.

  • Stuffed animals (with tags or in package)
  • Coloring books, crayons
  • Printer paper
  • CD-R discs
  • Gift cards to Staples, Wal-Mart or Shaws
  • Gift cards to Pizza Hut, McDonald’s or Burger King
  • Gas cards
  • Gift cards for McDonalds, Subway, Burger King or Pizza Hut
  • Papertowels
  • Colored Printing Paper
  • 1/3 Cut File Folders
  • Kodak Printer Ink Cartridges
  • Printer Cartridges HP Office Jet 940 black, magenta, blue and yellow
  • DVD-R Discs
  • A county full of children who are cared for safely and don’t need to come to a Child Advocacy Center
  • Cash donations

All of your donations will be used for the needs of the children under the care of the foundation. Those products of your kind spirit would be shared for the recreation and everyday needs of the young ones.

For all of your donations in kind, we have set a storage facility for it. Protected by a sturdy garage door with a high-grade insulation material, you are assured that your donations would be in pristine condition until the time of distribution to our recipient children shelters. We had our favorite Tempe garage door service install brand new garage doors which are simply made to withstand the negative effects of any type of weather to the good you provided.

Child Advocacy Centers

Nationally, there are 460 accredited Child Advocacy Centers providing services to more than 175,000 children. More than one-third of these children are under the age of six. The average age of a CAC client is nine. In addition, there are at least another 200 CAC programs in various stages of development nationally.

Washington, D.C. based National Children’s Alliance, is the national membership organization and accrediting body for Child Advocacy Centers. Founded in 1996, NCA serves as a sub-grantor of more than $8 million dollars in federal funds from the United States Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to support the development, growth and sustainability of CAC programs nationally.

National Children’s Alliance 2007 Statistics

These statistics are based on reports submitted to NCA by nationally accredited CACs throughout the country.

There are 460 Accredited Child Advocacy Centers nationally.

In 2007, accredited CACs:

  • provided services to more than 175,000 children;
  • 74% of the children had a presenting allegation of sexual abuse
  • 14% of children had a presenting allegation of physical abuse
  • 12% of children had a presenting allegation of neglect, witness to violence and other offenses
  • 74% of the children were 12 years old or younger
  • 38% were six years old or younger
  • 66% of the children were female
  • 34% of the children were male
  • 81% of the cases included an offender known to the child including parent, relative, boyfriend/girlfriend of parent or another person known to the child

The New Hampshire Network of Child Advocacy Centers (NHNCAC)

The New Hampshire Network of Child Advocacy Centers (NHNCAC) is the coordinating entity for all established and start-up Child Advocacy Center (CAC) programs and multidisciplinary teams throughout the state of New Hampshire. The mission of the NHNCAC is to protect children from abuse; the goal is that every child in the state of New Hampshire has access to the multidisciplinary services of a Child Advocacy Center.

What is a Child Advocacy Center?

Based on a national model, Child Advocacy Centers are community partnerships dedicated to a coordinated team approach by professionals pursuing the truth in child abuse investigations. By bring together professionals from law enforcement, the County Attorney’s Office, the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), victim advocacy agencies and the medical and mental health communities, Child Advocacy Centers provide as a safe child friendly location for interviewing alleged victims of child abuse and coordinating the investigative team.

Investigative Team Observes Forensic InterviewA Forensic Interview of a Child at a CAC

There are currently eight Child Advocacy Centers in New Hampshire with an additional two more centers in development.

In 2008, New Hampshire CACs provided services to more than 1,560 abused children and their non-offending family members/caregivers, 81% of these cases involved child sexual abuse and exploitation.


Our Mission

What the New Hampshire Network of Child Advocacy Centers (NHNCAC) advocates is to make sure that children have unlimited access to the high quality and competent services of a Child Advocacy Center