The New Hampshire Network of Child Advocacy Centers (NHNCAC)

The New Hampshire Network of Child Advocacy Centers (NHNCAC) is the coordinating entity for all established and start-up Child Advocacy Center (CAC) programs and multidisciplinary teams throughout the state of New Hampshire. The mission of the NHNCAC is to protect children from abuse; the goal is that every child in the state of New Hampshire has access to the multidisciplinary services of a Child Advocacy Center.

What is a Child Advocacy Center?

Based on a national model, Child Advocacy Centers are community partnerships dedicated to a coordinated team approach by professionals pursuing the truth in child abuse investigations. By bring together professionals from law enforcement, the County Attorney’s Office, the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), victim advocacy agencies and the medical and mental health communities, Child Advocacy Centers provide as a safe child friendly location for interviewing alleged victims of child abuse and coordinating the investigative team.

Investigative Team Observes Forensic InterviewA Forensic Interview of a Child at a CAC

There are currently eight Child Advocacy Centers in New Hampshire with an additional two more centers in development.

In 2008, New Hampshire CACs provided services to more than 1,560 abused children and their non-offending family members/caregivers, 81% of these cases involved child sexual abuse and exploitation.